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Guidelines to Subscribe Ecoer IoT Monitoring Service

Key value of ESS (Ecoer Smart Service) bring to our customer: Get alerted and stay comfort

Step 1: Select your plan out of the following 2 options:

Plan A: Monitoring Service via 4G Network, Annual service fee after the first year. Order SKU : ESSM001Y.

Plan B: Monitoring Service via 4G Network, Extra 9 years’ service fee from 2nd year. Order SKU : ESSM010Y.

Ecoer offers 1st year’s monitoring service for free.

Step 2: Get your IoT gateway Serial Number (SN) ready;

write down the number or take a photo of the IoT gateway from the outdoor unit, or ask the contractor.

Step 3: Purchase your plan.

Send your plan and IoT series Number to . Our sales team will send an email to verify the purchase and send a credit card payment links to you.

Step 4: Confirmation.

You’ll receive an confirmation number with email from Ecoer company. It will be used as evidence of your purchase.

Prices are subject to change. All rights reserved by Ecoer Inc.